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Landscape Design and Architecture

Creating accurate base maps for residential landscape design has always been a time consuming and costly challenge for designers. Sending personnel to enter clients private properties to photograph, sketch and compile on-site measurements continues to be time consuming and prone to error or missing measurements and details.

Landscape Design: Project

We solve this challenge and provide much more. With a single drone flight we can collect enough data to create a digital 3D model of the entire property - (along with panoramas, 360 photos, 360 video, or cinematic video for “before and after” if desired). Accurate measurements to the inch can be taken from within the 3D model including distance, area, volume, slopes, and elevations. This 3D model in turn allows us to create an orthomosaic photo, a digital surface model, a digital elevation model, and contour lines - all highly accurate and to scale. Any or all of these deliverables can be provided to you or your client in whatever format works best for you and all within just a few days of us collecting images. Import the maps or models you need into your favorite design software and your ready to do what you do best - Design! 

You will also have access to dozens if not hundreds of high resolution photos taken from every angle of the property for reference if needed.

Landscape Design: Text


4 acre ortho.jpeg


Elevation Map

elevation map.jpeg
trace overlay on ortho including contour

Trace Overlay on Ortho including Contours

Autocad Base with Contours

autocad base with contours.jpeg
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