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Drone technology for empowering agriculture industry with actionable tree and yield insights.

CoopersHawk has teamed up with Micasense and Aerobotics to provide Washington State farmers with practical, usable, and timely answers to critical questions about:

  • Overall Plant health 

  • Soil and water conditions 

  • Early Insect and disease detection

  • Targeted treatments 

  • Invasive species 

Detailed insights into your crops in near real time that were simply not possible a few short years ago.

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Identify Stressed trees early on

Aeroview helps farmers identify stressed trees before they can visually see it.

In this image the yellow, orange and red dots represent the stressed trees. This farmer was not aware that 1559 trees in this block were underperforming, until he saw the results from his drone flight with Aerobotics.

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Targeted Scouting

Growers can take immediate action through targeted scouting.

This farmer set up a scout route for his team based on Aeroview drone data.
When he got back to the office he saw what pest was causing stress to his trees along with photos from the completed scout mission. They found leaf footed bug and shot hole disease.

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Zonal Maps & Orchard Management

Zonal maps help to monitor homogenic performance across fields.

In this example the Grower can see the results of his drone flight, which shows different colored dots placed on each tree, based on tree-specific health data. By selecting  Zones, the data for this orchard is split into 3 separate areas represented in: Red, Yellow, and Green.
In this case, the Zonal maps provide a good representation of the health of each block. The zone tool can also be used when looking at other metrics such as Area, and Volume.

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Track Changes Over Time

Growers can track the performance of their trees from one season to the next.
This is an important step in the lifetime of any high value permanent crop.

A citrus Grower received his first flight with Aerobotics which shows him the health of his farm at the date of the flight. Two months later, he received another drone flight.
He noticed that instead of improving in health, many of his trees became more stressed. The red dots represents trees thats has a lower relative health index if you compare the data from 3 March to 15 May. The Grower may not have known this if he hadn't received his second drone flight, and he can now take the steps to intervene.

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Your crops + CoopersHawk drones + Micasense multispectral sensors + Aerobotics world class analytics = Turning insights into action

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